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Course Overview

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Course Head/Instructor:

The course may be led by an experienced Python developer or a team of instructors specializing in various aspects of full-stack development. Their expertise typically includes front-end and back-end development, databases, and web frameworks.

Course Outline:

1.Basic Python Concepts

• Installing Python And PyCharm
• Hello World Program In Python
• Some other mathematical operations in Python
• Strings In Python
• Accepting input from the user in Python
• Performing operations on a string in Python
• In place operators in Python
• Writing our very rst program in PyCharm

 2 . Html, CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap

• Designing website
• Indroducing to CSS, JavaScript & Bootstrap
• JQuery & Ajax

 3. Building Databases

• Apps With PostgreSQL & Python
• Apps With MYSQL & Python

4. Control Structures in Python

• If and Elif statement in Python
• Range function in Python 

5. Loops in Python

• For Loop in Python Boolean logic in Python
• While loop in Python

6. Functions & Modules

• In Python Passing arguments to functions in Python
• Making function return value in Python
• Passing functions as arguments in Python
• Modules in Python

7. Exception Handling & File Handling In Python

• Errors & exceptions in Python
• Exception handling in Python
• Finally block
• File handling
• Reading data from file
• Adding data to the file
• Appending to a file

8. Data Types in Python

• Dictionaries
• Tuple
• List
• Set
• String functions, Numeric functions

9. Some other Types in Python

• List Slicing
• List Comprehension
• String formatting

10. Functional Programming in Python

• Functional programming
• Lambdas in Python
• Generators in Python

11. Object Oriented Programming in Python

• Object
• Class
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Data hiding
• Data Abstraction

12. Object Oriented Programming in Python

• Object
• Class
• Inheritance
• Polymorphism
• Data hiding
• Data Abstraction

13. Regular Expressions in Python

• Regular expressions in Python
• Search & nd all
• Find & replace
• The dot metacharacter
• Caret & dollar metacharacter
• Character class
• Star metacharacter
• Group

14. Tkinter

• Tkinter grid
• Message box
• Dropdown
• Calculator buiding

15. Building QR CODE System

• QR Code Generator Part 1
• QR Code Generator Part 2

16. Building Text to Speech Converter

• Generating Audio From Text Data
• Converting File Data To Audio
• Converting User Input To Speech


• MySQL Workbench Setup
• Python Database Connection Python | Git | PyCharm
• What is Django?
• Python Web Framework, Setup
• First App in Django - part 1
• First App Django - part 2
• Django Template Language DTL
• Django Template Language - part 2
• Addition of Two Numbers in Django
• GET vs POST HTTP Methods
• Model View Template in Django
• MVT, Static Files – 1, Static Files – 2
• Passing Dynamic Data in Html – part 1
• Passing Dynamic Data in Html – part 2
• If Statement ORM
• Object Relational Mapper
• Theory Postgres and PgAdmin Setup
• Models and Migrations
• Remigration
• Admin Panel
• Add and Fetch data from Database
• User Registration – 1
• User Registration – 2
• Passing Messages
• User login
• User Logout

18. Build TODO Application in Django

19. Build CRUD Application Using Django

20. Complete E-Commerce Project [Host this Project in Server]

21. GIT

• Push all the code there

22. Hosting Projects

23. REST APIs with Python & Django Rest Framework

• What is an API
• Installing Django Rest Framework
• Creating & Setting Up Django
• Setting Up API App
• Creating Serializer For Model
• Creating Another Endpoint
• Update & Delete Functionality
• Adding Images To API
• Making The API Consumable
• Setting Up React App
• Fetching Data From API From
• React Front End

24. Make Web Applications in Python Using Flask

• Creating Directory Structure
• Hello world, Routing
• Variables
• Dynamic Urls
• Passing Data To The Server
• Templates
• Passing Data Using Templates
• Passing Form Data To Templates
• Using Cookie

25. Network Programming in Python Using Sockets Building A Chat Application

26. Image Processing With OpenCV & Python

• Introduction To OpenCV
• Installing OpenCV
• Resources,Reading & Displaying Images
• Capturing Video From Webcam
• Drawing Shapes On Images
• Mouse Callback Events
• Manipulating Pixels
• Color Spaces In OpenCV
• Object Tracking In Images
• Object Tracking In Videos
• Simple Thresholding
• Simple Thresholding Implementation
• Adaptive Thresholding
• Geometric Transformation of Images
• Geometric Transformation of Images Implementation
• Image Blurring
• Image Blurring Implementation Averaging Gaussian
• Filtering

27. Data Analysis Using Python

• Introduction to Data Analysis
• Installing Tools For Data Analysis
• Introduction to Pandas & Series
• Converting Dictionaries to Series
• Introduction to Data Frames
• Changing Column Sequence
• Changing Columns & Transposing Dataframe
• Reindexing Series & DataFrames
• Deleting Rows & Coulumns
• Arithmetic operations on dataframe and series
• Arithmetic operations in between dataframe and series
• Sorting series and dataframes
• Sorting according to values
• Handling duplicate values
• Calculating sum, max & min values
• Dropping nan values
• Loading data from a file
• Analyzing file data
• Creating Numpy Array
• Another way to create an array
• Logspace & Linspace
• Slicing a Numpy Array
• Advanced indexing and slicing techniques
• Broadcasting
• Iterating using nditer
• Plotting data using Matplotlib
• Analysing Supermarket Sales
• Reading CSV File
• Analysing Sales Data Part 1,2,3, and 4
• Accessing Different Parts of Data
• Analysing Sales Data Part 5 and 6
• Selecting Rows on a Condition
• Analysing Sales Data Part 7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17, and 18
• Classifying Sales By Month
• Analysing Sales Data Part 19 and 20

28. Machine Learning Project

• Project 1
• Project 2

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